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The European Union risks a trade war with Malaysia over its “grossly unfair” policies aimed at reducing...
EU, Singapore ink free trade and investment pact

Just shortly after a similar deal with Vietnam was settled, the European Union (EU) and Singapore signed free-trade and investment protection agreements in Brussels...
Vietnam economy forecast to be 17th-strongest in the world by 2025

Vietnam's economy, which currently ranks 55th globally by GDP, will grow to rank 17 by 2025, predicts US investment house Goldman Sachs in a...
Joseph Stiglitz: The trans-pacific free-trade (TPP) charade

There's been a big buzz in the media about the October 5 agreement reached by the US and 11 other countries on the Trans-Pacific...
China cautions Singapore over FTA with Taiwan

China sounded a note of caution to Singapore over its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Taiwan, saying it should abide by the "one China"...
Singapore, Taiwan sign free trade agreement

Singapore and Taiwan signed an economic partnership agreement on November 7 to boost bilateral trade and economic cooperation, the culmination of nearly three years...
Singapore, Turkey close to free trade agreement

Turkey and Singapore are expected to formally announce the launch of negotiations for the signing of a free trade agreement that would make two...
Chile seeks investment in Thailand

Investors from Chile are looking at Thailand for investments in steel, fertiliser and pharmaceuticals,according to the Chilean Ambassador to the country, Javier Baker. Both countries...