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Freedom of speech

TMI next Malaysian news portal shutting down

Malaysia's news web portal The Malaysian Insight (TMI) will close down "temporarily" next week because of financial difficulties, its editor-in-chief said. The decision came...
Cambodia pushes law that makes insulting the king a crime

Cambodia's Cabinet on February 2 endorsed an amendment to the criminal code making insulting the king a criminal offense punishable by a fine and...
Rift between Cambodia and the West over de-democratisation deepens

The war of words between Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen and representatives of Western organisations intensified in the past weeks, with Hun Sen boasting...
Cambodia PM sides with Donald Trump in attacking media

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen, who came to power with the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s and has ruled the country with...
Malaysia considers jail for life and cane strokes for whistleblowers, journalists

Malaysia's new Attorney General Mohamed Apandi Ali, who was hand-picked for the role by Prime Minister Najib Razak in July last year and just...
Power play in the media and ethics

Is media a lapdog, watchdog, running dog or simply wagging its tail in a society? A look at the power play in the media -...
Thailand scraps “Great Firewall” plans

Thailand's ruling junta has scrapped a single gateway Internet initiative that critics termed "The Great Firewall" after negative feedback and activist protest from net...
Thai junta plans single Internet gateway to gain control of web use

Thai authorities are reportedly planning a single gateway for all Internet traffic in and out of the kingdom in an attempt of Chinese-style web...