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US e-commerce giant Amazon and retail chain Walmart are among the companies urged by activists to remove offers of gems originating from Myanmar, which...
The world’s largest jade market: A photo tour

Mandalay in north-central Myanmar is the gateway to the country’s most precious (legal) commodity: Jade. And no wonder, Mandalay also hosts the world’s largest...
Luxury brand Bulgari under fire for using “genocide gems” from Myanmar

Italian high-end jewelry maker Bulgari is feeling the heat from human rights activists for continuing to buy and use gems from Myanmar. By doing...
Myanmar earns $1.3 billion from jade exports

Myanmar has earned $1.3 billion from the export of jade stone over the last three years, according to the ministry of national planning and...
Myanmar’s jade export earnings surge

Export earnings for jade during Myanmar's nine-month financial period from April to December 2013 reached $920 million, according to the Ministry of National Planning...

Myanmar has been striving for decades the expansion of its gems market. With increasing international demand, the local industry is moving ahead and held the first International Jewellery Expo in May 2013.

Myanmar’s lucrative mining sector is due to issue new gem permits from the Ministry of Mining at 1 million kyat ($1,167) per gem mine...