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General politics

More than 100 Bangkok flights cancelled

Airlines have so far cancelled a total of 112 scheduled flights, or 56 round-trips, from Singapore and Hong Kong to Bangkok until late February...
Bangkok retailers stock up for shutdown

Wholesalers and retailers in Bangkok are adjusting their inventory and logistics strategies to ensure that they have adequate supplies of consumer goods and foods...
Bribery perceived as ‘normal’ by many Indonesians

Many Indonesians still think it is normal to bribe government officials and police officers to process civil registry documents or driving licenses, according to...
Bangkok shutdown could cause $4b in damage

The announced "shutdown" of Bangkok by anti-government protesters from January 13 onwards could cause damage for businesses, tourism and investment of $4 billion, the...
Bangkok ‘shutdown’ set for January 13

Thailand's anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said in his "New Year speech" on December 1 that protest will resume in the coming days and...