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General Statistics Office

Tourist arrivals to Vietnam surge

The number of foreign tourist arrivals to Vietnam rose 15.6 per cent in the first seven months of 2014 in comparison to the same...
Vietnam GDP grows 5.18% in first two quarters

Vietnam's economic growth picked up in the first half of the year, official figures showed on June 28, indicating the effects of anti-Chinese riots...
Vietnam car imports soar in May

Some 6,000 cars valued at $92 million were brought into Vietnam this month, up 50 per cent in terms of quantity and 3 per...
Visitor numbers to Vietnam up 10%

The number of international visitors to Vietnam over the last 11 months is estimated at 6.85 million, a year-on-year rise of 10.2 per cent,...
Vietnam stocks expected to rise 10% by year-end

Vietnam's stock index VN Index is poised to rally about 10 per cent by year-end as inflation slows and exports grow, according to the...
Vietnam gets increasingly privatised

Vietnam, technically a communist country that in the past decades has made a shift from a highly centralised planned economy to a socialist-oriented market...