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geothermal energy

Southeast Asia’s energy hunger needs to be stilled

The Asian energy ministers’ meeting, the Fifth Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable held on September 12 in Seoul and co-hosted by South Korea and Qatar,...
Are the Philippines’ energy dreams too ambitious?

Alongside the C-5 highway in Metro Manila, one of the pulsing thoroughfares of the capital, a raggedy tarpaulin banner belonging to a hotel known...
Geothermal energy: Indonesia shows some latent steam

One of the world’s most volcanically active countries, Indonesia has a daunting geography that, though at times self destructive, could be harnessed with modern...

The investment agency of Indonesia's finance ministry will start a fund of around $302 million to finance the exploration of geothermal energy resources in...
Philippine growth too much to power?

The Philippines’ national energy plan will have to be rethought if the country continues to maintain its current clip of economic growth, a high-level...
US geothermal firm nabs Indonesia deal

Ormat Industries, a subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, a US-based provider of geothermal energy and recovered energy generation, signed a joint venture contract with Indonesia's...
Turkish group to invest $2.5b in East Java

Turkey-based Hitay Investment Holdings plans to invest $2.5 billion in three geothermal power projects in East Java, Indonesia, local media reported. The estimated power potential...

Turkey is increasingly becoming a top investment destination for Singapore investors due to its favourable geographical location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. A...