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Thailand Tourism Arrivals, Spending Drop For The First Time In Years

Thailand for the first time since 2014 – the year of the latest military coup – is faced...
Philippines enters social security partnership with Germany, Japan

The Philippines, now has bilateral Social Security Agreements (SSAs) with Germany and Japan effective June 1 and August 1 of this year, respectively, ensuring...
Thailand: Evermore tourists come a-flocking

Thailand welcomed over 28.8 million international visitors from January to October 2017, the country’s Department of Tourism (DoT) announced. The number accounts for an...
Singapore takes over Germany as world’s most powerful passport

The Singapore passport has been ranked the "most powerful" in the world, according to the Global Passport Index by global advisory firm Arton Capital. The...
IKEA makes Malaysia its regional distribution hub

Do-it-yourself furniture chain IKEA, the world’s largest, will set up its regional distribution and supply chain center for Southeast Asia in Malaysia, the company...
Malaysia passport climbs to rank 4 globally for travel freedom

The Malaysian passport is now the fourth most powerful in the world, according to a new ranking by Global Passport Power Rank 2017. This...

Working long hours, not enough time to sleep, spend with your family or friends can lead to an unhealthy work-life balance. That's an issue...
Malaysia’s Prince Court Medical Center wins major international award

Malaysia's Prince Court Medical Center is again named the hospital that best provides medical tourists with outstanding care beyond standard clinical protocols and excellent...
Malaysia secures $720 million German investments

Malaysia has attracted 2.35 billion ringgit ($720 million) in investments from Germany during the its recent investment mission in Frankfurt. International Trade and Industry Minister...
Volkswagen to build production facility in Thailand

German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) is only days away from getting permission to build a car factory in Thailand, Germany's daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported...
Middle East buyers drive London’s property market

London continues to attract Middle Eastern investors as investment increased from 7.5 per cent of total investment in 2012 to 17 per cent in...
Indonesia world’s largest palm oil producer

Growing demand for Indonesia's palm oil and its domination of the world market was an attracting topic in a conference held at the Indonesian...
German firms seek more investment in Thailand

German enterprises in Thailand said they are keen to invest and expand their businesses in the country, especially to take part in the planned...
Singapore loses No 1 rank as expat destination

After holding the top spot for the past two years, Singapore has fallen to third place in an annual global survey on the most...
Thailand, look how the EU deals with its farmers

Thailand has just prolonged its populist policy of buying rice from farmers at up to more than 50 per cent above the world market...
Thailand likely to surpass Malaysia in tourism ranking

Thailand recorded a record growth of visitors in 2013 so far and is likely to surpass its rival Malaysia be the end of the...
Pattaya gets more visitors than Vatican

Pattaya, the popular beach town in southeastern Thailand, counted record visitor numbers in 2012 of 8.3 million people, both local and foreign, the Tourism...

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