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Golden Triangle

Six Asian countries come together to lead Southeast Asia’s biggest drug bust. By Jeremiah Capacillo
Opium cultivation in Myanmar drops further, UN says

The area of opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar dropped for the fourth year in a row to 37,300 hectares in 2018 in the two...
China plans free trade zone in the Golden Triangle

China is looking to establish a free trade zone at the section of the Mekong where the river forms the border between Myanmar and...
Thailand set to legalise weed for medical use

Thailand is readying to become the first Asian country to legalise marijuana, albeit just for medical use as the country does not want to...
Laos, Myanmar drug production changing in focus

Drug production in both Laos and Myanmar, normally known for producing large quantities of opium as a base for heroin, is apparently shifting rapidly...
The multi-million dollar industry that deals in endangered animals’ deaths

The murder of Cecil, a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, has stoked international condemnation; even US TV host Jimmy Kimmel has broken his comedic character,...
Opium production surges in Myanmar (poppy field map)

The United Nations' Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimated in its annual Southeast Asia Opium Survey that Myanmar's opium production will rise 26...

Branded the “Godfather of Heroin” by the US government, the notorious drug kingpin and shadowy business tycoon Lo Hsing Han died at his home...

With investors queuing up and pouring billions of dollars into the Myanmar economy prompting a radical socio-economic transition, the question has to be raised:...

Myanmar has pushed back its self-imposed drug eradication deadline by five years as the nation struggles to combat resurgent production of opium and methamphetamine. The...

A writer in Thailand must learn to adapt to uncertainties, the unspoken unknowns while striking the creative balance that musters the wherewithal to continue dancing between the fire and ice, writes Justin Calderon.