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Benefiting from big data

Individuals are benefiting from the new cost structures associated with big data, as more data is widely available for free or at little cost, it turned out at the Economist's Information Forum 2013 conference held in San Francisco on June 4, 2013.
Vietnam web start-up challenging Google

An internet start-up in Vietnam backed by Russian investors is seeking to topple Google as a search engine in the country, arguing that is...
Business speed: How does technology change?

Fundamental technological shifts redefining business in the 21st century were the focus of the Ideas Economy: Innovation Forum 2013 held in Berkeley, California.
Myanmar’s infrastructure deters investors

The absence of reliable energy, transport and ICT infrastructure in Myanmar is deterring potential investors from entering the emergent ASEAN nation, the Japan External...
Google’s Schmidt asserts internet freedom in Myanmar

Amidst criticism of Myanmar’s recently adopted investment law, Google chairman Eric Schmidt is optimistic about the potential of the country’s telecommunications and Internet sector after his much-noticed visit in March.
Google chairman’s next stop: Myanmar

The untapped internet market of Myanmar is on the radar of Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who visits the country on March 22. Myanmar currently...
Google opens office in the Philippines

Search engine operator Google has opened an office in Manila, Philippines, in a bid to strengthen its investment in the country and expansion within...
3G can revolutionise media-savvy Thailand

The long-awaited upgrade to the fast mobile network standard 3G due to be implemented in early 2013 will revolutionise the digital market in Thailand, already a top media consumer in the Asia-Pacific region, Justin Calderon learned.

Google has recently proven their desire to get into the video entertainment industry by announcing Google TV.  The new venture will offer both blockbuster...

After the recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Silicon Valley job amalgamator LinkedIn, many industry analysts wonder if the company will be able to...

Apple has recently moved forward in their effort to provide iTunes through a cloud, allowing one to synch his iPod, iPhone, and computer through...

Google is actively attempting to break into the worldwide $300bn a year online travel industry.  While the US and Europe have long since been...