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The eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak has entered talks with Norway to set up and manage a sovereign wealth fund from oil and gas...

By Firoz Abdul Hamid Emir Abdul Qadir Al-Jazairi was a truly unusual leader, one the world is so...
Ethics In Business: When Broken Souls Walk Our Corridors

Have you ever been brought down to the depth of your chaotic heart and soul that you feel so broken, lost and alienated in...
Ethics in Business: The dethroning of our value system

“So I have just one wish for you – the good luck to be somewhere where you are free to maintain the kind of...
Singapore, Tokyo ranked Asia’s smartest cities

Two Asian cities made it in the top-ten smartest cities in the world, according to the 2017 Smart Cities Index compiled by EasyPark Group,...
Cambodia takes center stage as host for WEF on ASEAN

With the World Economic Forum (WEF) on ASEAN kicking off on May 10 in Phnom Penh, for thress days all eyes are on host...
Ethics in Business  –  With whom does the heartbeat of a nation lie?  – Part 1

Views of the Chief Secretary to Malaysia's government. Part 2