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Government Savings Bank

Measures attempted to boost Thailand’s growth to 2% in 2014

Attempts are being made through several policies to boost Thailand’s GDP to grow by 2 per cent in 2014, said National Council for Peace...
Thai bank customers withdraw 30 billion baht

On Monday, February 17 - one day after the announcement that the state-owned Government Savings Bank (GSB) will assist the Thai government to pay...
Thai government defaults on paying off rice farmers

The caretaker government in Thailand is unable to pay off rice farmers as promised by the end of January because it was unable to...
Thailand gives nod to $11b water management loan

Thailand's finance ministry on June 28 signed a contract for loans to finance the $11 billion water and flood management scheme, the country's state...
Two Thai banks under heavy pressure

Islamic Bank of Thailand and SME Bank, a Thai financial institution specialising on small and medium company financing, are currently feeling the heat of...
Thailand ponders launch of Buddhist bank

The Thai government is in the initial stages of drafting a bank after Buddhist principles as a special-purpose financial institution similar to the Islamic...
Potential abound

The Islamic Bank of Thailand is the Buddhist nation's first Shariah-compliant bank. Senior executive VP Rak Vorrakitpokatorn in an exclusive interview.

Thailand’s one and only Islamic bank is in a rapid expansion mode, with dozens of new branches to open in 2012, and sukuk issues...