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Foreign investors keep dumping Philippine stocks

Philippine stocks, once favoured by emerging-market investors, were under heavy selling pressure siege from April to June, Reuters data shows. Net foreign selling in...
Philippine stocks in huge plunge

The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange Index has plunged 21 per cent since its peak in May 2013 as international investors pulled a net $955...

The International Labour Organisation puts youth unemployment across ASEAN at 12.7 per cent, which means that around 75 million young people do not have a job. Their potential needs to be unlocked.

Sarawak, unfortunately, is part of the obesity rise in Malaysia, an epidemic that can have drastic economic implications on a country’s social sector, namely upped healthcare expenditures, as well as a drop in work productivity.

The royal family of Qatar has bought an uninhabited Greek island for around €5 million, Greek media reported on April 28. Emir Sheikh Hamad bin...