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greenhouse gas emissions

Indonesia passes law to tap volcano power

The Indonesian parliament on August 26 passed a long-awaited law to bolster the geothermal energy industry and tap the power of the vast archipelago's...
SM Prime builds largest solar rooftop in the Philippines

Philippine Retail giant SM Prime Holdings Inc. is building the largest commercial solar rooftop in the Philippines as part of its commitment to use...
Malaysia’s pump prices among lowest globally – thanks to subsidies

Malaysians enjoy some of the lowest petrol pump prices among the major world economies, according to a new study by UHY, the international accountancy...
Japan assists Cambodia to Reduce Carbon Footprint

The government of Japan on April 11 signed a Low Carbon Growth Partnership agreement with Cambodia, aiming to assist the country to reduce the...
Filipino UN delegate on hunger strike for climate action

The Philippines' Climate Change Commissioner broke down in tears at the start of United Nations climate change talks in Warsaw on November 12, pledging...

Vietnam’s government has set out a green initiative in an effort to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. The green growth strategy, announced by the...

The Malaysian arm of Swiss food and beverage major Nestlé just celebrated 100 years of presence in the country. Its products have become household names in Malaysia. Inside Investor looked behind the curtains of this success.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Islamic Development Bank and other multilateral development banks said they will release $175 billion in loans for developing...