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Philippines removed from French tax blacklist

The Philippines has been removed from France's black list of tax evaders, according to a statement by the Philippine  Department of Foreign Affairs released...
Eccentric Millionaire McAfee Returns in Bizarre Video Clipvideo

John McAfee, founder and ex-owner of McAfee Inc, an anti-virus software still popular in Southeast Asia, has resurfaced on the web with a bizarre...
Philippines blacklisted for handling aid

France has put the Philippines on a blacklist of countries that do not help investigate foreign aid fraud, according to a report published by...
Vietnam sets up poison production

Vietnam has issued a new law that allows chemical factories to produce poison used for lethal injections to execute a backlog of  530 death...
US geothermal firm nabs Indonesia deal

Ormat Industries, a subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, a US-based provider of geothermal energy and recovered energy generation, signed a joint venture contract with Indonesia's...

The Philippines ranks as the third most disaster-prone country in the world behind the Pacific islands of Tonga and Vanuatu because of its high...