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Hack reveals how some ASEAN countries spy on their peoplevideo

Government agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are all on a customer list of a notorious Italian company whose main product is a...
Hackers try to bring down Singapore government websites

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore confirmed that hackers had attempted to bring down government websites on Tuesday, local media reported on November 9. International...
Philippines suffers Anonymous cyber attacks

The infamous hacker group Anonymous has been unleashing cyber-attacks and defacing websites belonging to Australian businesses and Philippine government agencies, no more than a...
Singapore to invest $130m in cyber defense

Singapore on October 25 unveiled a $130 million plan to enhance the nation's cyber security in the face of a rising tide of global...
Indonesia now top source of global cyber attacks

Indonesia has overtaken China to become the No. 1 source of cyber attack traffic in the world, according to a report by Akamai Technologies...
ASEAN’s next cyber army forms in Laos

The small landlocked ASEAN country of Laos, not known for massive involvement in global cyber espionage or even for sophisticated Internet networks, has set...
Singapore army builds cyber defense hub

Singapore's defense ministry said it has built a so-called Cyber Defense Operations Hub to safeguard the country's military networks. Operations in the hub would help...
Spotlight: The cyber security conundrum – Join the discussion

Cyber security policies pose a conundrum. In endeavouring to protect citizens against malicious online attacks, how can governments ensure the public they are not...
Spotlight: ASEAN cyber security policies – Join the discussion

With the revelation of an immense and active US-conducted global surveillance network made by former CIA employee Edward Snowden, the haunting -- taintedly Orwellian...