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Pakistan will be the first country to manufacture Malaysia’s home-made car brand Proton outside the Southeast Asian...
Singapore, Thailand, UK best non-Islamic countries for Muslim travelers

The best non-Islamic countries for Muslim visitors are Singapore, Thailand and the UK, followed by South Africa and Hong Kong, according to the newly...
Mindanao attracts Mideast investors for port development and boosts halal industry

The Philippine’s southernmost region of Mindanao, a predominantly Muslim island group with about 25 million people which last year signed a peace treaty with...

Joy Abdullah on dual industries of Islamic finance and halal
Vietnam seeks investments from Malaysia’s halal sector

Vietnam wants Malaysians to invest in the halal industry to tap the growing demand for halal products globally, according to Vietnamese Ambassador to Malaysia...
‘Hub Singapore’ in the limelight of Gulf investors

As the GCC-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (GSFTA) came into force on September 1, 2013, Gulf companies and especially Qatari investors are expected to flock...
Thailand’s new tourism campaigns target niche groups (video)video

Thai tourism promotion bodies have launched several campaigns addressing niche groups of travelers to spend their holidays in the kingdom. The campaigns are targeting...
Poland seeks halal cooperation in Malaysia, Sarawak investment

Poland aims to enter a cooperation with Malaysia in the halal business, according to Poland's ambassador to Malaysia, Adam Jelonek. He said Poland was among...
Shape up: Malaysia should eye India’s obesity surgery trend

Despite the fact that one in six Indians are classified as undernourished, bariatric surgery – also known as stomach shrinking – has begun to...
Malaysia turns to Pakistan for halal ventures

A 30-company delegation from Malaysia has confirmed attendance for a trip to Pakistan, a statement from the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation said on...
All the hubbub about Sarawak’s halal hub

The Tanjung Manis Halal Hub offers a springboard to reach and grow the halal industry in and from Sarawak, a topic that will be on top of the agenda of Inside Investor's high-level discussion on June 12 in Kuching.
Japan wants slice of halal pie

Shinto-dominated Japan has discovered the halal market and wants to tap the global trade of halal food and products through the Japan Halal Association,...
Brunei: Chance to take lead in renewable energy efforts

Brunei, with its oil-centered economy, is currently looking for ways to diversify away from hydrocarbon revenues and does so through promoting other industries. Renewable energy could be a sector with high potential.
Brunei Oil

Brunei's economy is expected to slow down this year due to a contraction in the oil and gas sector, according to the Department of...

The Philippines is increasingly focusing on the investment allure of Mindanao, the country’s second largest island, now that a decades-old insurgency has been largely...
Banana Plantation Mindanao

The recently signed peace deal in the Philippines' troubled southern Mindanao region has prompted a number of countries to step up their investment and...
Cattle Herders Kosti Area

Malaysian investment firm Pembangunan Buku Hijau Holdings Sdn Bhd has signed a memorandum of understanding this week with the Sudan Halal Development Authority, China’s...

Texas A&M University is one of the leading educational institutions and a research-intensive flagship university in Qatar. Dean Dr. Mark Weichold attended the Inside Investor Forum Asia 2012 in Doha and gave an interview.