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Trump backs boycott of Thai-made Harley-Davidson bikes

In what is probably a first in US history, an acting president publicly supported calls for a boycott of a US product, and, with...
Harley Davidson’s new Thailand plant comes at the right moment

Harley Davidson, the US motorcycle maker which will open a new plant in Thailand later this year, retrospectively has made the right decision at...
Harley-Davidson builds factory in Thailand

In what is quite a contradiction to US President Donald Trump's motto "Buy American, hire American," iconic US motorbike maker Harley-Davidson announced on May...
Harley-Davidson rides into Cambodia

Iconic US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson will open its first dealership in Cambodia in June this year, following premium vehicle brands such as BMW and...
60,000 at Art of Speed show in Selangor

60,000 spectators and 254 owners of classic cars and bikes were drawn by Malaysia’s first Kustom Kulture & Hot Rod Show on June 8...