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Health sector challenges for the new government

A friend from United Kingdom was mocking my friends and me on the eve of our 14th general elections, saying sarcastically that we Malaysians...
Duterte’s Philippine economic agenda eyes sustained GDP growth

Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte unveiled a 10-point agenda for economic growth in the country last week which aims at sustaining the average GDP growth...
Business bang in Indonesia: Dozens of sectors open for foreign investment

Indonesia is easing foreign investment rules in a large number of economic sectors in a bid to attract more foreign investment into the country....
A New Age Of Treatments: How Technology Has Changed A Visit To The Doctor

One of the more interesting aspects of modern day medicine has been its versatility wherein materials that were originally developed for use in manufacturing...
‘Public health services are still weak’ – ADB

The Asian Development Bank is supporting countries across Asia-Pacific in reforming and updating their healthcare systems, which requires proper management and funding. ADB health expert Dr Susann Roth goes...

Singapore’s aim of becoming a smart nation has been bolstered lately by the news of a S$200-million investment in a data center infrastructure by...
Singapore tops in global healthcare efficiency ranking: Survey

Singapore came out tops in a global healthcare efficiency ranking, beating previous incumbent Hong Kong to first place as the Singapore government continues to...
Malaysia’s Prince Court Medical Center wins major international award

A hospital in Kuala Lumpur has won a major international award for their medical tourism work, the operator announced on March 11. Prince Court...
Sinning in Singapore gets more expensive

With Singapore's new budget 2014/15, the so-called "sin" taxes on tobacco, alcohol and gambling are going up in the city state, with alcohol taking...
Iskandar Malaysia needs more attractions: Najib

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said "much more" needs to be done if Iskandar Malaysia is to achieve its 2025 target of having a...
Myanmar seeks foreign investment in healthcare

Myanmar is in dire need to improve its healthcare system and is now looking for more investment from abroad into the sector. While several...
Concerns about quality of young doctors in Malaysiavideo

Follow the panel of KPJ Healthcare's medical convention
KPJ Healthcare in $312m expansion drive

Malaysia's largest private healthcare provider KPJ Healthcare Bhd is looking at the possibility of issuing Islamic debt papers and a rights issue to help...
Singapore-Jakarta world’s fastest growing air route

The flight route between Jakarta to Singapore has become the world's fastest-growing major international air route, according to the Center for Aviation, a market...
Excellency in medicine

Dr. Chong Su-Lin, CEO of Prince Court, shares her strategy
Southeast Asia’s insurance industry to quadruple

A new study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has found that the overall health insurance industry in Southeast Asia will grow at a compounded...
Myanmar allows 70% foreign ownership of healthcare JVs

Foreign companies in Myanmar will be allowed to invest in private hospitals and clinics on a 70:30 ratio with local partners, according to Deputy...
Malaysia reluctant to join TPP

Malaysia has said its participation in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership would depend on "ensuring its sovereignty" in the pact which aims to combine the...