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Oman eyes Vietnam’s food, fishery sector

At a meeting of the Omani-Vietnamese Committee on January 13 in Muscat, the two countries agreed on enhancing their economic cooperation by diversifying trade...
Health tourism in Malaysia brings $186m

Malaysia recorded more than 20 per cent growth in health tourism over the past three years and generated around $186 million in revenue alone...

In the Philippines, there is no need to fear committing a faux pas by taking a cigarette from an open pack on a table....

As the formation date of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) draws nearer to its 2015 deadline, Thailand will be forced to strengthen the competitiveness...

49 per cent of CEOs in Thailand are women, which is the highest proportion in the world, the new Grant Thornton International Business Report released on March 8, the International Women's Day 2013, revealed.

With a network of 22 hospitals and more than 2,600 beds, KPJ Healthcare is the leading private healthcare provider in Malaysia.