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Hillary Clinton

Battle for strategic supremacy in East Asia: Who will win?

Simmering tensions in the South China Sea have reached a state of uneasiness as of late. Long-standing territorial disputes between China and several regional...
Bill Clinton on surprise trip to Myanmar

Former US President Bill Clinton arrived in Myanmar on November 14 on a surprise trip and met with Myanmar political parties at the Myanmar...
Waiting for the right time to invest in Myanmar

Myanmar has received a great deal of attention from investors when the country opened up its economy in 2011, and later on eased its investment rules to attract foreign direct investments: However, investors need to be cautious.

The much-disputed Xayaburi Dam that straddles the Mekong River in Laos has been given a second life. The $3.5 billion project was suspended last December...
Myanmar Yangon Pic

The US Congress on August 2 voted for an extension of the disputed import ban against Myanmar products. Both the Senate and the House...
General Electric

Industry giant General Electric has become the first US firm to seal a deal with Myanmar after sanctions were lifted by US President Barack...

At the US-ASEAN Business Forum held on July 13 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, home of the Angkor Wat temple, local businesses had to woo...

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Vientiane on July 11 from a brief trip to Hanoi for an official one-day visit, the...