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Malaysia launches free health care scheme for low-income earners

The Malaysian government has announced a free national health insurance scheme for the low-income population group at an initial cost of two billion ringgit...
$500 bíllion urgently needed to fix Indonesia’s infrastructure problem

The World Bank, after assessing the state of Indonesia's overall infrastructure, came to the conclusion that the country needs around $500 billion in the...
Malaysia expects one million medical tourists this year

Malaysia is set to welcome around one million health travelers in 2017, up from 860,000 last year, and generate respective revenue of $292 million, ...
Medical tourism to Asia-Pacific to cross $20bn-mark by 2019

With medical travelers mainly hailing from the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries, and a smaller portion from the US and Europe, health tourism...
Five tools good doctors use to communicate with patients

Doctor-patient miscommunication is the most common cause of complaints and failure of communication is an important cause of medical errors. But empathy is another...
Nurse Thai1

The flourishing health industry in Thailand attracts more and more foreign patients, a lot of them from GCC countries.