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Household debt

Malaysia’s GDP growth this year seen at 5.2%, lower than 2017

Malaysia is expected to maintain a robust economic momentum but will grow slower than last year, according to estimations by Moody's Investors Service issued...
Thai households in dire need to reduce their debt burden: Allianz

Thailand's household-debt-to-GDP ratio has reached an unhealthy level, global insurance giant Allianz Group said at the recent presentation of its new "Global Wealth Report"...
Thai economy to recover, but slowly

Thailand's sluggish economy is expected to recover from moderate investment activity and continued political uncertainty, but just at a slow pace, according to Moody's...
Malaysia could face bankruptcy like Greece if 1MDB defaults: Mahathir

Just ahead of the important polls in Malaysia's largest state of Sarawak on May 7, the country's former prime minister and staunch opponent of...
IMF recommends raising VAT in Thailand to 10%

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its economic report on Thailand released on March 28 recommends that the country's government raises value-added tax (VAT)...
Malaysia: High-debt instead of high-income nation

Malaysia has become the nation with the highest personal debt among 14 Asian economies, according to a new analysis by rating agency Standard &...
Bank of Thailand concernced about growing private debt

Financial authorities in Thailand are getting increasingly concerned about rising household debts in the nation, a regional evelopment that has already led Singapore and...
Exploding Thai household debts a growing concern

The Bank of Thailand on June 15 issued a warning that escalating household debt in the country was posing a risk to the country's...