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Philippine GDP growth drops to three-year-low

Economic growth in the Philippines slowed to six per cent during the second quarter of the year, the Philippine Statistics Authority said on August...
Singapore house prices surge fastest in eight years, recovery seen

Singapore reported its biggest quarterly jump in first-quarter 2018 private home prices in nearly eight years on April 27, a 3.9 per cent growth...
Myanmar housing market cooled down

Yangon’s property market finally cooled down in 2016 from a peak that began to ease in 2014 as a result of changing government policies. During...
Myanmar’s exorbitant property prices to stay until 2018

Sky-high property prices in Myanmar, which in the country’s commercial capital Yangon have reached or partly exceeded the level of New York, Tokyo or...
Yangon rents retreat from sky-high levels

For expats in Myanmar, most of which are moving to the country’s business hub of Yangon, searching for a reasonably affordable apartment or office...
Abu Dhabi rents hike in first quarter

Residential rents in Abu Dhabi partly rose up to 20 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2014, with affordability fast becoming a...