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Thailand’s troubled Islamic Bank seeks investors to turn around business

Thailand’s sole fully-fledged Shariah-compliant financial institution, state-owned Islamic Bank of Thailand, branded as IBank, has become the target of domestic and foreign investors, including...
Thailand’s struggle with Islamic finance

Islamic finance has not taken off yet in Thailand despite the country's only Islamic lender, state-owned Islamic Bank of Thailand, or iBank, is trying...
Two Thai banks under heavy pressure

Islamic Bank of Thailand and SME Bank, a Thai financial institution specialising on small and medium company financing, are currently feeling the heat of...
Thai Islamic Bank hit by bad debt

The Islamic Bank of Thailand, or IBank, the country's only Shariah-compliant bank, has been facing a debt explosion in around 100 "problem accounts" and...

Thailand’s one and only Islamic bank is in a rapid expansion mode, with dozens of new branches to open in 2012, and sukuk issues...