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Illegal immigration

All foreign visitors to Malaysia now must show return flight tickets

The Malaysian government has made it compulsory for all foreign visitors to have a return ticket or a flight out of the country in...
Malaysia’s illegal immigrants: Assimilation, not elimination

Immigration is a hot topic in any country in the world and Southeast Asian countries are no different to the UK or the US...
Crackdown: Malaysia gives it a second thought

After an unparalleled crackdown on illegal immigrants and foreign workers started in Malaysia on September 1 with the aim to "flush out" up to...
Malaysia starts ‘flushing out’ illegal immigrants

Malaysia on September 1 launched a large-scale immigration operation to swiftly deport nearly half a million illegal foreign workers. It is the largest crackdown...
Malaysia to hunt down 500,000 illegal foreigners

On September 1, 2013, Malaysia will launch its biggest-ever crackdown to hunt down an estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants, foreign workers without permits and visa...
Malaysia to crack down on illegal workers

Malaysian authorities will start a crackdown on foreign workers without valid permits on September 1,2013, Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said...