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Illegal logging

Laos launches plan to stem illegal logging after revenue drop

Authorities in Laos have launched a pilot programme to track the source of timber from sawmills and wood-processing plants after Lao Prime Minister Thongsing...
Laos loses $150 million to corruption

More than 1.2 trillion Lao kip ($149.40 million) have been misappropriated from 2012 to the present day through corruption, according to a report in...
Myanmar’s rosewood could be depleted in three years

Two of Myanmar's most sought-after rosewood varieties could be depleted within a few years if illegal logging to China continues to grow at the...

Environmental organisations via NASA satellite data have identified a great number of fire hotspots in Sumatra, source of the hazardous smog that enveloped Singapore...

Resource-dependent economies and corporations of Southeast Asia have the opportunity to boost both the environment and their bottom lines after Brazil’s Rio +20 Earth Summit.