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Singapore Launches E-arrival Card For Foreign Visitors

Foreign visitors traveling to Singapore using selected transport services can now submit electronic arrival cards up to 14...
Laos Launches E-visa This June

In a bid to attract more tourists and reduce waiting times at border checkpoints, Laos’ ministry of...
Vietnam Extends List Of Countries Eligible For E-visa To 80

Vietnam has extended the list of countries qualifying for e-visas by 34 to 80 and extended the scheme to January 31, 2021. The new...
Cambodia Named Cheapest Place To Retire

Cambodia has been named the cheapest place to retire in 2019 by International Living, a magazine that focuses on the best places to live...
Thailand opens “VIP” immigration lanes exclusively for Chinese visitors

Thailand’s authorities introduced special immigration lanes at five international airports in the country just for Chinese visitors, saying it was for their “ease and...
ASEAN considers Schengen-style single-visa scheme

Tourism officials of the ten-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, are looking into the possibility of creating a European Union-style single visa...
Philippines starts worrying about Trump’s protectionism

Businesses in the Philippines are getting increasingly worried about the economic isolationism of US President Donald Trump as the country's main growth engines, business...
Indonesia, Malaysia condemn Trump’s travel ban against Muslims

After US President Donald Trump's radical executive order to ban Muslims from certain countries from entering the US and extend vetting against others, outraged...
Vietnam hikes visa fee for US citizens five-fold

Following the introduction of a new one-year multiple-entry visa to Vietnam for US citizens by August 29, visitors now will have to pay a...
Cambodia to introduce three-year visa for expats

Cambodia is expanding its unusually permissive visa regime and will soon issue three-year multiple-entry visas to entice more long-stay visitors and expats to the...
Vietnam refuses to stamp Chinese passports with controversial map

Vietnamese immigration officials are refusing to stamp new Chinese passports featuring the nine-dash line that represents China's claim on most of the South China...
Bruneians could soon need visa to enter EU

Brunei citizens could be forced to arrange for a visa to visit the European Union as the country, together with the US and Canada,...
Indonesia seeks Mideast tourists and investors, but confines destinations

As part of an overall tourism offensive, Indonesia plans to increase the number of well-spending visitors from the Middle East and, at the same...
Photoblog: Southeast Asians in Buenos Aires

Argentina is a nation of immigrants with foreign communities heavily marking its culture. Walking through Buenos Aires’ neighbourhoods brings to light that it also has a vibrant Southeast Asian community.