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Palm Oil

Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of palm oil, is about to become the largest consumer as well, overtaking India as the front runner. Consumption could...

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will sign a Free Trade Agreement in Services and Investment with ASEAN by next month, which will send a...
ASEAN Summit Opening

The 7th East Asia Summit, together with the 21st ASEAN summit, currently being held in Cambodia from November 16 to 20, is the stage...
Thai Rice Exports

Thailand's push to reach a rice pact with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam faces headwinds as it remains unclear how the countries can reach...
Obama Yingluck

US president Barack Obama, who is embarking on a Southeast Asia round trip in the coming week, will be pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),...
Thai Rice Stockpile

Thailand's rice subsidy policy has come under scrutiny of US trade policymakers who fear that the pledging scheme will lead to serious price distortions...
Asian Food By Akibara

Southeast Asian nations are more likely to export less food in years to come as their urban populations are growing, which increases domestic demand, puts a strain on food production and requires more resources.
Thailand Rice 605 X 328

Asian rice prices are on the rise due to lower supply from major exporting countries Thailand, India and Vietnam and large stock purchases by...

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy and most populous nation, is likely to continue mounting global economic headwinds on the back of its youthful growing...
Swilry Stocks

Asia will be the most important emerging-market region for the GCC in the coming years, according to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit...
Bangkok Street

Investors' applications through the Thai Board of Investment (BoI), the approving body for strategic industry and commercial investments under a tax privileges scheme, will...

Singapore's sovereign wealth fund is stepping up its investment in the US, targeting the energy and hospitality sectors. Together with China's government fund China Investment...

A new campaign is out to promote tourism in Southeast Asia with a swathe of initiatives, such as the creation of a new website...

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the ASEAN region are becoming increasingly interesting for foreign investors who cast an eye on the booming property...
Korea Bank

Asia is moving toward a self-sustaining cycle with on-going trade surpluses, with banks in better financial shape than in the West. Banks in developing countries are looking forward to a decade of profitable growth.

ASEAN markets are the fastest-growing for both consumption and production of digital content globally and will further expand as a hub for digital content...
India Myanmar Thailand Trilateral Super Highway

About $100 million of a $500-million loan granted by India has been earmarked for building and improving roads in the Myanmar part of the...
Dawei Draft

The Dawei deep-sea port and industrial zone project received support from Thai and Myanmar leaders on July 23 in an attempt to soften the...