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Indonesian central bank

Indonesia’s exports surged in December 2013

Indonesia posted its third straight monthly trade surplus in December 2013 and its biggest in two years, the country's statistics bureau said on February...
Indonesia raises benchmark interest rate to 7%

The Indonesian central bank raised its interest rates on August 29 after a hastily called meeting in a desperate effort to support the country's...

The Indonesian government and central bank have indicated that they will take concerted action to prevent further depreciation of the rupiah and to support...
Indonesia most risky stock market, says Morgan Stanley

US-based investment firm Morgan Stanley said in a report on July 4 that it considers Indonesia's stock market to be the "most risky" in...
World Bank slashes Indonesia growth outlook

The World Bank on July 2 downgraded its GDP growth forecast for Indonesia in 2013 to 5.9 per cent from 6.2 per cent. It...