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Indonesian rupiah

ASEAN markets jump after surprise Fed decision

Southeast Asian stocks and currencies saw robust gains as investors returned to emerging markets after the US Federal Reserve surprisingly announced that there will...
Asia’s worst currency: The rupiah

Indonesia's currency, the rupiah, has topped India's rupee in being the worst-performing currency in Asia since June, Japanese investment house Nomura said. The currency has...
Bank Indonesia raises interest rate to 7.25%

In a bid to stop the slump of the country's currency, Indonesia's central bank on September 12 decided to raise the interbank interest rate...
Malaysia drops behind Philippines in default risk

Despite being ranked higher by credit rating agencies, the default risk of Malaysia's government bonds climbed above that of the Philippines for the first...
Indonesia posts biggest-ever trade deficit

Indonesia on September 2 unexpectedly reported a record trade deficit for July 2013 of $2,3 billion, up from $880 million in the previous month...
Singapore stocks hit hard

Singapore stocks tumbled by the most among developed markets in August as investors pulled retreated from Southeast Asia on concern about the future of...
Indonesia raises benchmark interest rate to 7%

The Indonesian central bank raised its interest rates on August 29 after a hastily called meeting in a desperate effort to support the country's...
Indonesia unveals drastic measures to support rupiah

Indonesia said on August 23 it would curb imports of luxury cars and introduce other drastic steps to support its weakening currency and rein...
Indonesia announces $173b budget for 2014

The Indonesian government unveiled a $173 billion budget draft for 2014 on August 16 that is aimed at boosting a slowing economy before elections...
Bank Indonesia surprises with benchmark rate hike to 6%

Bank Indonesia, the country's central bank, said on June 13 in an emailed statement that it has raised the benchmark interest rate by 25...
Indonesia reduces GDP growth forecast

Indonesia's economy is expected to grow by 5.9 to 6.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2013, the country's central bank said on...
Indonesia: Time over for cheap gasoline?

Pressure on state finances caused by huge spending on fuel subsidies has forced the government in Jakarta to announce a 45 per cent increase of petrol prices for later in 2013. A risky, but necessary move.
Indonesia tops FDI record

Indonesia drew in a record 65.5 trillion rupiah (about $6.744 billion) in foreign direct investment (FDI) from January to March 2013, marking a 27.7...
Indonesia to cut 3 zeros off the rupiah

The Indonesian government has announced plans to redenominate its currency and to reduce the number of zeros on the rupiah by three beginning...
Bank Indonesia

Although the Greek elections have given the global economic community renewed hope for a solution of the European debt crisis in the medium term,...
Stocks Board 300x215

Indonesia’s lagging 2012 stock performance looks nothing like its stellar 2011 track record yet - but is the country truly on the way down or is it time to take advantage of low valuations? Citigroup sees 15 per cent upside potential for the rest of the year.

After a bizarre series of events, Indonesian regulators have imposed serious sanctions on Citibank Indonesia.  They will be prevented from opening new branches for...

Corporate, consumer, and SME & commercial lending by Bank Internasional Indonesia Tbk led the Malaysian backed company (Maybank ) to post record growth at...