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industrial products

Myanmar exports reach record $490m in two months

Myanmar has earned $490 million from the export of industrial products, including natural gas, in the last two months according to the Ministry of...
Indonesia warns of open ASEAN market

Indonesia's Industry Ministry MS Hidayat expressed his concerns on October 25 over the possibility that local manufacturers would lose out in trading goods when...
Laos inflation edges higher – 8% in reach

The inflation rate in Laos reached 6.87 per cent in September, up from 6.83 per cent in August, according to a report issued by...
Laos trade reaches $4.52 billion in first half of 2013

The Lao Ministry of Industry and Commerce has reported that the value of imports and exports climbed to more than $4.52 billion in the...
Laos inflation becoming a concern

Inflation in Laos remains high, driven by price rises in food and non-alcoholic beverages, restaurants and hotels, housing, water, electricity and cooking gas, as...
Indonesia, Pakistan ink trade agreement

A preferential trade agreement between Indonesia and Pakistan will open "open new era of cooperation and serve as a foundation for enhanced economic and...