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infrastructure financing

The China-Laos high-speed railway costs $6 billion Chinese infrastructure projects for its Belt and Road Initiative financed by...
Metro Manila subway one step closer to reality

The long-awaited first underground line for Metro Manila, called Mega Manila Subway, is on the way to become reality with the first tranche of...
$500 bíllion urgently needed to fix Indonesia’s infrastructure problem

The World Bank, after assessing the state of Indonesia's overall infrastructure, came to the conclusion that the country needs around $500 billion in the...
Thailand gives nod to new $5.5b high-speed railway connecting with China

Thailand's military-backed cabinet on July 11 approved the construction of the first phase of a railway line to link the country's industrial eastern seaboard...
New road to riches for Vietnam exports

A second arterial highway linking Vietnam’s commercial capital Ho Chi Minh City with the Mekong Delta and southern coastal regions will be built with...
South Korea grants $200m loan to Cambodia

South Korea will provide Cambodia with $200 million as a loan for road and dam projects, according to the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,...