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infrastructure projects

Laos’ Big China-backed Projects Bring Debt And Hurt The Poor: Expert

A United Nations human rights expert has urged communist-ruled Laos to focus less on foreign-invested dam and railway contracts...
Metro Manila subway one step closer to reality

The long-awaited first underground line for Metro Manila, called Mega Manila Subway, is on the way to become reality with the first tranche of...
Malaysia, India sign investment deals worth $36 billion

Malaysian and Indian business leaders signed one of the biggest investment deal package in Malaysian history during an official visit of Malaysia's Prime Minister...
Malaysia to delay large public projects

Malaysia will most likely have to delay its announced large publicly-funded investment projects because the main source of the funds, the new goods and...

The Sarawak Economic Development Corporation, or SEDC, is responsible for promoting commercial, industrial and socio-economic development in Sarawak, as well as the development of bumiputera in business.