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Philippines aims to cut poverty by half

The Philippines hopes to lift millions out of poverty and cut the rate of people living below the poverty threshold by half by 2016,...
Myanmar needs $300b to catch up

More than $300 billion needs to be pumped into Myanmar's economy if the country wants to catch up with its infrastructure, housing, power supply,...
ADB: Basics of growth in the Philippines

The Asian Development Bank's Philippine country director, Neeraj Jain, explains how governance reforms have improved the nation's economy.
Singapore, ADB link up for PPPs

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have committed to jointly launch a public-private partnership (PPP) initiative to address the massive...
Thailand sets up rail investment body

Thailand's  government has announced plans to establish a railway investment and regulation unit, taking over functions currently managed by State Railway of Thailand. According to...
Infrastructure investment in ASEAN: Doors are open

Investing through infrastructure funds is possibly one of the most attractive ways to take part in the upswing of Southeast Asia’s economy, mainly for the predictable and reliable long-term cash flow streams.
Japan bashes Philippine investment policy

The Philippines should "do much more" and "push harder" to improve the country’s investment climate as it continues to lag behind neighbours in Asia,...
Myanmar’s huge Dawei project falls asleep

The $10.8-billion industrial zone project plus deep-sea water port in Myanmar's southern town of Dawei has stalled because of financing uncertainties and a potential...
A look at North Africa: Algeria’s troubles

If investors weren’t already rattled enough by the prospects of dealing with Algeria’s red-taped system, it now seems that they will also have the added possibility of an Islamist militant resurgence on their minds.
Taken by storm: The economic impact

Countries in the presumable or constant path of storms must develop infrastructure and contingency plans to alleviate the social and economic costs of the whims of the world’s weather, writes Justin Calderon.
HCMC Metro

The Ho Chi Minh City metro line, a key infrastructure project for Vietnam's largest city first proposed in 2001, has gone one step further...
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The municipal administration of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) plans to build a $152 million bus rapid transit (BRT) system that will link eastern...
Qatar Airways1

A newly formed joint venture between a Malaysian and a Qatari company will undertake facility maintenance work at the new Doha International Airport, according...
Great Mosque 500

Construction companies from Malaysia are aiming to obtain tenders for development projects in the Saudi Arabian holy cities of Mecca and Medina, according to...
Infrastructure ASIA

Islamic financial instruments could become a key funding source in Asia and the GCC, international rating agency Standard & Poor's said in  a new...

Airports in the GCC will need to increase their capacity to accommodate the growing number of air passengers who are expected to use the...

Sarawak state is set to host a new joint venture between Chinese and Malaysian investors.  An aluminum smelter plant will be built by the...