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Singapore beats London, New York, San Francisco as best smart city

Singapore tops the list of the world's best performing smart cities ahead of London, New York, San Francisco and Chicago in a new study...
After LG: Samsung next to stop TV production in Thailand

In another blow to Thailand's battered economy, South Korean electronics giant Samsung said on May 21 that it has ceased to produce television sets...
Infosys to develop e-government in Myanmar

Infosys, India’s second-largest IT services company, has reportedly bagged a consulting project from the Myanmar government to develop a strategy for using information technology...
Offset sought for Penang’s shrinking manufacturing exports

Penang, Malaysia's production hub for semiconductors and computer parts, is making efforts to shift its regional economy partly to construction to offset a decline...
Google chairman’s next stop: Myanmar

The untapped internet market of Myanmar is on the radar of Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who visits the country on March 22. Myanmar currently...
VN Factory

Low wages and favourable investment incentives have made Vietnam's electronics manufacturing sector a highly attractive target for multinational corporations to set up or expand...