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Interest rates

Thailand raises interest rates after long hiatus

Thailand’s central bank raised its benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2011, joining peers in the region in tightening monetary policy this...
Thailand’s central bank seeks to prevent property bubble

The Bank of Thailand imposed an 80-per cent loan-to-value limit on mortgages for homes worth more than ten million baht and for all second...
Thai households in dire need to reduce their debt burden: Allianz

Thailand's household-debt-to-GDP ratio has reached an unhealthy level, global insurance giant Allianz Group said at the recent presentation of its new "Global Wealth Report"...
Asia’s currencies get hammered after double yuan whammy

Asian currencies suffered big time after after China's surprise decision to devalue the yuan on August 11, and got a double whammy after Beijing...
Indonesia struggles to take the brakes off slowing economy

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo believes that now is “the best time to invest” in the country despite its current economic problems. During his first...
Thailand’s foreign trade facing severe troubles

Thai exports dropped more than forecast in May 2015 and imports had their biggest tumble in nearly six years, emphasising how the country's traditional...
Malaysia’s central bank retains interest rate at 3%

Malaysia's central bank on November 7 decided to retain its policy interest rate in order to support economic growth and contain inflation pressures. The...
Microcredits in Thailand can cost up to 33%

Microfinance lenders in Thailand may be allowed to charge interest at up to 33 per cent a year, as such rates are still "far...