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International Civil Aviation Organisation

Malaysian passport classified as fifth-best worldwide

The Malaysian passport has been ranked fifth among the best passports in the world in terms of visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to other countries...
Indonesia proposes palm oil to be used as jet fuel

Indonesia, the world’s top producer of palm oil, has suggested to use palm oil as biofuel in jet fuel and asked Boeing and Airbus...
North Korea’s request for new air routes could change East Asia’s flight business

As part of its strategic opening to the world, North Korea has submitted a request for the approval of new international air routes with...
Thailand: Evermore tourists come a-flocking

Thailand welcomed over 28.8 million international visitors from January to October 2017, the country’s Department of Tourism (DoT) announced. The number accounts for an...
Thai aviation safety upgrade to boost air traffic

Smaller airlines in Thailand, as well as discount carriers, are expected to benefit the most from the lifting of a red flag classification against...
Thai Airways could be banned from flying to US

Only a few weeks after Thai Airways International escaped inclusion on the European Union's Air Safety List of airlines with substandard safety levels even...
Malaysia Airlines considers name change after plane disasters

Malaysia Airlines is likely to change its name as part of a radical overhaul in the wake of the death of 298 passengers in...

Asia Pacific Flight Training (APFT), Malaysia’s leading training centers for cadet pilots, is expanding its services to provide its students with a wider range of career opportunities in the aviation industry.