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International Institute for Management Development

Thailand only ASEAN country that improved digital competitiveness

Thailand is placed comparatively well on this year’s World Digital Competitiveness Ranking compiled by Lausanne, Switzerland-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD) which issues...
All ASEAN-5 countries but Thailand drop in world competitiveness report

The newest "World Competitiveness Yearbook" released by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) shows that all ASEAN-5 countries but Thailand dropped in the...
Philippines drops in global competitiveness ranking

The Philippines's competitiveness ranking fell four notches this year as the country still faces challenges in infrastructure, corruption and a high jobless rate, according to...
Malaysia 12th most attractive to investors

Malaysia moved up the world competitiveness ranking again, securing a spot in the enviable  top dozen and improving the country's attractiveness to investors. The...

The improvement of Thailand's education system, one of the worst in the developed world, stands high on the agenda of the country's new education...