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International Monetary Fund

Cambodia ranked most corrupt country in ASEAN

Cambodia has been ranked Southeast Asia’s most corrupt country, surpassing Laos and Burma on Transparency International’s recently published corruption index 2013. Cambodia ranked 160...
IMF praises Cambodia’s robust economic growth

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), on December 2 lauded Cambodia for its high economic growth and pledged continued support for...
IMF lauds Laos economy, but urges ‘caution’

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised Laos for its impressive economic growth but urges steps be taken to address growing economic vulnerabilities, according...
Typhoon disaster huge setback for Philippine economy

The massive typhoon that battered the Philippines on November 8 causing widespread destruction and chaos will set back for years what has been a...
Russia, Vietnam to double trade by 2015

During Russia President Vladimir Putin's visit to Vietnam on November 12 all eyes were on Vietnam's decision whether it will join the Customs Union...
Drop rice subsidy scheme, IMF tells Thailand

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) called on Thailand to scrap its pricy scheme to support rice farmers and scale back some other fiscal stimulus...
Interview with Tun Mahatir Mohamad

"At times I feel to speak out", says Malaysia's ex-PM
ASEAN central banks to boost dollar holdings

Southeast Asian central banks are rebuilding their foreign-currency reserves, raising the prospect they will boost holdings of US Treasuries for the first time since...
Cambodia cabinet approves $3.5b draft budget

The new cabinet of Cambodia on October 25 approved a draft budget of $3.5 billion for 2014, which is a 13 per cent increase...
Vietnam opens state companies to foreign investors

Vietnam's prime minister pledged to subject state-owned companies to competition and allow greater foreign ownership of banks as the government seeks to revive growth...
Laos inflation edges higher – 8% in reach

The inflation rate in Laos reached 6.87 per cent in September, up from 6.83 per cent in August, according to a report issued by...
World Bank provides $20m to ease poverty in Laos

The Lao government and the World Bank on October 10 signed a financing agreement over $20 million for the Ninth Poverty Reduction Support Operation...
Myanmar budget deficit seen at 5% for 2013-14

Myanmar's budget deficit for 2013-14 could be as much as five per cent, according to the reports from World Bank's Branch Office in Yangon. Myanmar...
Indonesia seals $10b currency swap with South Korea

Indonesia and South Korea on October 12 agreed to enter a bilateral, three-year currency swap deal worth up to $10 billion, which could help...
IMF sets Malaysia’s 2014 growth at 4.9%

In a recent report on the world economy, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave its real growth projections — taking into account inflationary effects...
Malaysia, UAE boost ties in Islamic finance

The central banks of Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates signed a pact to foster closer economic ties between the two countries, including in...
Growth forecast for Laos set at 8%

The World Bank has forecast 8 per cent GDP growth for Laos in 2013, driven mainly by mining and hydropower projects, despite the country's...
Islamic Finance forum to kick off in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur will be the stage for the Islamic Finance news Asia Forum 2013 (IFN 2013) held on October 21 and 22...