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internet penetration

How Softbank Vision Fund Could Have Created Real Economic Value

The recent acquisition of WhatsApp at $19 billion has got valuations of digital companies into the conversation topics of most corporate folks. Most recently,...
Southeast Asia has more than 190 million Internet users

Southeast Asia with a population of around 600 million people has more than 190 million Internet users, Tech in Asia reported. Singapore, as the infographic...
Malaysia’s youth world’s 4th most active web users

Malaysia stood out as having the fourth-highest proportion of “digital natives” in the world, despite ranking much lower globally in information and communication technology...
Myanmar invites bids for Internet and fibre optic network

Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications has invited an open tender for IP transit services with a total capacity of 10+ Gbps, to be used for...
Google chairman’s next stop: Myanmar

The untapped internet market of Myanmar is on the radar of Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who visits the country on March 22. Myanmar currently...
3G can revolutionise media-savvy Thailand

The long-awaited upgrade to the fast mobile network standard 3G due to be implemented in early 2013 will revolutionise the digital market in Thailand, already a top media consumer in the Asia-Pacific region, Justin Calderon learned.
Internet Indonesia

Leading international retailers believe that emerging countries in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific regions will increasingly integrate with e-commerce platforms, a survey conducted...

Digital advertising has, for the first time, outpaced print advertising in the United States, and it won’t be long before it is king of...