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Myanmar’s military government implemented a hefty raise of the commercial tax on Internet services on January 8, state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar...
Laos pushes e-commerce initiative, seeks to reduce Internet costs

The Lao Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has named the development of e-commerce as one of its core strategic goals over the next ten...
Singapore has fastest broadband service in the world

Singapore is topping a new global ranking on Internet speeds with an average download speed of 55.13Mbps, which means that a 7.5 GB high...
South Korea’s Kakao eyes Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia for expansion

Kakao Corp., the home of South Korea's biggest messaging application, plans to expand in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia as it seeks to close...

With the announcement that Visa credit cards would begin being accepted at nearly 90 ATMs across Myanmar on January 26, 2012, the nation made history by stepping out of the realm of financial obscurity.