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Google launches free public high-speed WiFi in Thailand

Google’s Thailand unit on July 18 announced a number of initiatives in the country, among them free high-speed public Wi-Fi, in an effort to...
Philippines’ mobile Internet connectivity among slowest worldwide

The Philippines ranks fourth-last in a global ranking of mobile Internet speed (LET standard) in 77 countries undertaken by OpenSignal, a London-based mobile network...
Singapore has fastest broadband service in the world

Singapore is topping a new global ranking on Internet speeds with an average download speed of 55.13Mbps, which means that a 7.5 GB high...
Internet speed in Southeast Asia: Singapore, Thailand top, Philippines flop

Singapore and Thailand have the fastest average Internet speeds in of the more developed countries in Southeast Asia, while the Philippines is lagging significantly...
Philippine internet speed slowest in ASEAN, says study

An infographic posted by ASEAN DNA shows what most Filipinos already know: Internet speed in the Philippines is the slowest in the whole Association...
Growth plans of Indosat with Qatar as a shareholder

Inside Investor met with Alexander Rusli, CEO of Indonesia’s mobile network operator Indosat, to learn how Qatar Telecom has impacted its business.