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Ooredoo broadens e-commerce strategy in Asia with partner Rocket Internet

The Asia-focused e-commerce strategy of Ooredoo and its German partner Rocket Internet is making rapid progress with another acquisition in short order. Lamudi, Rocket...
E-commerce sales in Vietnam surge 300% to $2.2b

Online shopping in Vietnam experienced a boom last year when revenue rocketed to US$2.2 billion, a staggering 314 per cent rise from $700 million...
Google Street View worker held hostage in Thailand

And you’re just doing your job. It all happened on August 13 in Sa-eab village in Phrae province. Around 20 residents surrounded a Google...
Laos rents ‘.la’ Internet domain to Los Angeles businesses

Laos has begun marketing its Internet domain extension .la to Los Angeles businesses in a cooperation with Internet registrar GoDaddy. The auction is already...
Silicon valley firms at odds with Singapore

New online content rules in Singapore have promted five Silicon Valley-based web giants to voice their concern to the city state's government about a...
Thailand’s internet users set to double

Far from being a land of ascetic Buddhist norms, today Thailand is one of the most connected countries in the region. As of July...

A new survey by US-based Internet security company Renesys shows highly different levels of Internet blackout risks among ASEAN countries. While Malaysia and Indonesia...