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Red Bull brand under pressure: Company heir on Interpol wanted list

In Austria, Red Bull's co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz is currently being praised and courted by media for having advanced on Forbes world's richest list to...
Interpol urges tighter passport checks in ASEAN

Global police organisation Interpol has said it is working with Southeast Asian countries to bolster border security amid lapses in immigration checks before Malaysian...
Singapore beefs up security at main airport

Singapore has reviewed and stepped security at its main Changi airport in light of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 incident. The airport, which serves...
Thailand exposed as hub for illegal passports

Thailand’s role as a hub for criminal networks using false documents is in the spotlight after two passengers on vanished flight Malaysia Airlines MH370...
Singapore gang rigged more than 100 soccer games

A Singaporean match-fixing gang rigged more than 100 football games worldwide in a scam worth millions of dollars, before it was busted and 14...