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investment applications

Thailand faces backlog of 200 foreign direct investment projects

Thailand's political turmoil over the last six months has caused a backlog of roughly 200 foreign investment projects awaiting government approval. The value is...
Thailand expects investment applications worth 1 trillion baht

Investment applications to Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI) in 2013 would be at least 1 trillion baht ($32 billion), up from the previous target...
Thailand to revamp incentive policy

Thailand's Board of Investment has said it will enforce a new investment regime by the beginning of 2015, giving more than 19 months for...
Thai investment bids reach record high

Applications for investment incentives in Thailand have reached a record level of nearly $48 billion in 2012, the country's Industry Ministry announced on January...
Bangkok Street

Investors' applications through the Thai Board of Investment (BoI), the approving body for strategic industry and commercial investments under a tax privileges scheme, will...