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investment banking

Barclays cuts hundreds of jobs in Asia, exits South Korea, Taiwan

British bank Barclays is closing its investment banking units in Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as in Australia and Russia,...
Southeast Asia a haven for ‘crony capitalists’

British magazine The Economist in its Crony Capitalism Index published March 15 found that Southeast Asia is one of the world's most buoyant regions...
DBS to buy Societe Generale’s Asian private banking

DBS Bank, one of Singapore's three banking majors, announced on March 17 that it has agreed to acquire Societe Generale's Asian private banking business...
REIT seeks $136m in Dubai’s first IPO in five years

Emirates Reit, the United Arab Emirates-based real estate investment trust, will sell shares on Nasdaq Dubai in the first initial public offering in the...
A closer look at Indonesia banks

Indonesia is holding a great potential for banking investments. The Qatari financial industry is aware of that as some deals have been signed in...

Malaysia-based Affin Fund Management Berhad on January 30 introduced three new funds with an agenda to surpass the 3 billion ringgit (approx $1 billion)...
JPMorgan to shut Malaysia retail unit

US-based bank JPMorgan will close its retail banking operations in Malaysia, its only presence of that business arm in Asia. The closure is part...
Thailand Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Thailand's capital, with its strategic location and its position as a regional financial hub, could surpass Singapore in becoming a new gateway for the...
Philippine Stock Exchange

The Manila stock exchange is planning to introduce a list of Shariah-compliant equities to attract the nation’s Muslim investors and some of the $1.2...
Myanmar Second Reform

Mongolia-based Silk Road Capital has set up one of the first private equity investment banking firms in Myanmar, Mandalay Capital. The company said that the...
Muzaffar Small

Maybank's Islamic banking arm is expanding rapidly and encourages investors to take a look at their expertise. Inside Investor talked to Muzaffar Bin Hisham, CEO of Maybank Islamic and Head Islamic Banking Group.

Commercial Bank of Qatar is one of the largest financial institutions in the GCC and has established a reputation as a lead financier in Qatar and the entire region.

Debt issuance in the Middle East doubled in the first quarter of 2012 while investment banking fees declined, according to Thomson Reuters’ Q1 report...
Burma Tours Money

Myanmar, the secluded state in Southeast Asia, is showing first signs of easing its tight regulations for foreign investors in a bid to catch...
Money Graph 11

As a leading Malaysian investment banking group, Hwang DBS provides a wide range of specialised investment products. . It also looks for partnerships to GCC investors and plans to increase its Sharia-compliant portfolio.

Toby O’Connor has been named the CEO of DBS Group’s Islamic banking branch, Islamic Bank of Asia (IB Asia). After a period that has...