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Investment banks

Emirates NBD ventures into Southeast Asia

Emirates NBD, the UAE's second largest banking group by assets, is making Indonesia its core market in Southeast Asia as it expands beyond its...
Investment giant Blackstone opens office in Singapore

US-based Blackstone Group, the world’s biggest manager of alternative assets, will seek more investments in Southeast Asia following the opening of an office in...
Morgan Stanley faces lawsuit from Singapore investors

A group of Singapore investors who lost money on a group of synthetic collateralised debt obligations may pursue their suit against New York-based investment...
Financial expertise at work

Primeiro Partners' Stephen Sieh sheds light on the advisory business in SE Asia

Swiss banking giant UBS will have a noticeable portion of its 10,000 layoffs in Asia, namely in Singapore, Hong Kong and India, people familiar...

Maybank's Islamic banking arm is expanding rapidly and encourages investors to take a look at their expertise. Inside Investor talked to Muzaffar Bin Hisham, CEO of Maybank Islamic and Head Islamic Banking Group.

The development of capital markets in Malaysia has brought about the expansion of services of Malaysia’s investment banks across equity capital markets, debt capital markets, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and syndicated loans.

One of the world’s leading financial services companies is now speaking a global language while staying true to its Japanese roots and culture. Nomura...

In what is seen as a landmark victory against Wall Street Corruption, Raj Rajaratnam was found guilty yesterday on all counts of fraud and...

Toby O’Connor has been named the CEO of DBS Group’s Islamic banking branch, Islamic Bank of Asia (IB Asia). After a period that has...