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investment law

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte approved a law allowing foreign investment in more business sectors, Reuters cited his office as saying on March 4. The...
Investment climate in Myanmar worsens over uncertainty, delayed reforms

Myanmar, just until recently dubbed the new frontier for investments into nearly everything – infrastructure, consumer products, telecom, housing and tourism – has turned...
Myanmar assembly rejects investment cap

Foreign investors are now allowed to take 80 per cent share of a joint venture with Myanmar nationals in restricted businesses, the country's legislative...
Mining block permits issued in Myanmar

Myanmar’s lucrative mining sector is due to issue new gem permits from the Ministry of Mining at 1 million kyat ($1,167) per gem mine...
Myanmar to reform investment body

A new set of reforms drafted for the Myanmar investment law includes a proposal to transform the Myanmar Investment Commission from a government-appointed body...
Myanmar opens bids for 18 oil blocks

A much-anticipated initiation to bid on oil exploration licenses for 18 of Myanmar’s onshore oil blocks has been released, the country’s Ministry of Energy...
Waiting for the right time to invest in Myanmar

Myanmar has received a great deal of attention from investors when the country opened up its economy in 2011, and later on eased its investment rules to attract foreign direct investments: However, investors need to be cautious.
Myanmar Wide

Few details have emerged since the new Myanmar investment law has been put into force by President Thein Sein's signing on November 2. Observers...

Myanmar authorities are planning to set up a nationwide housing development corporation to stem soaring prices seen in the housing market, which have made...
Myanmar Parliament Meeting

Parliament drops controversial $5 million minimum investment clause and raises foreign ownership allowance from 49 to 50 per cent in its meeting on Friday,...

The delay in issuing Myanmar's new investment law has spurred the Asian Development Bank to express concerns about the country's attractivness to foreign investors...
Oil And Gas

Total S.A., the French multinational oil and gas company, has taken a 40 per cent stake in an oil exploration field off the coast...
Myanmar Sweepers

The continued dispute about the new Myanmar investment law is unsettling investors and has sparked concerns that foreign companies might reconsider entering the country...
Burma Tours Money

Myanmar, the secluded state in Southeast Asia, is showing first signs of easing its tight regulations for foreign investors in a bid to catch...