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investment risk

Philippine 2013 GDP forecast raised again

Economic analysts are forecasting a standout year for the Philippines, already home to one of the fasting growing stock markets in the world whose...
Philippines in the early stages, says Citi

The Philippines is in the "early stages" of becoming an investment-driven community, US-based financial services major Citi said in a recent analysis on the...
Grabbing the opportunity: IPOs kick off in ASEAN

ASEAN is set to become the world’s most active region for initial public offerings in 2013 after it has already earned a solid reputation in this field with several mega-IPOs happening in Malaysia in 2012.
Singapore closely avoids recession

Singapore escaped a technical recession after the economy grew in the fourth quarter of 2012 by 1.8 per cent over the third quarter, the...
3G can revolutionise media-savvy Thailand

The long-awaited upgrade to the fast mobile network standard 3G due to be implemented in early 2013 will revolutionise the digital market in Thailand, already a top media consumer in the Asia-Pacific region, Justin Calderon learned.
Siam Paragon

Southeast Asia's second-largest economy remained resilient to the economic wobbles in China, the US and the euro zone,  the Thai Chamber of Commerce reported...