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Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi may be able to run for presidential office in the 2015 election following an announcement made by...
How are internal conflicts contaminating Myanmar?

Myanmar is a country in a state of transition, with one foot through the door of political and economical liberalisation and the other stuck in civil unrest or various conflicts, Justin Calderon finds.
Next blow for Myanmar’s Dawei project

The huge project for an industrial zone plus sea port in Myanmar's southern region of Dawei has suffered another setback as the planned 110-kilometer...

The development of Myanmar’s energy sector will be financed by public and private sector investment, for which the World Bank has promised support. by Ju...
Singapore to build top hotels in Myanmar

Investors from Singapore have shown interest in building a number of top hotels in Myanmar, namely in the business capital Yangon and the tourist...
Myanmar to construct 1 million homes

Unmet demand for property in Myanmar has prompted the Burmese government to launch a plan to construct 1 million homes over the next 20...